Asia Relocation will guide you through each process of your relocation from our Moving service and Home search to Visa service and Car leasing, office search and short and long-term storage solutions, as well as many more accommodating services to make your life easier.

Together with our real estate partners and moving consultants, Asia Relocation can help you look for the perfect place to call home in Manila, Philippines.


  • Assessment: What do you and your family need to live comfortably? Together with your dedicated consultant, you will discuss your needs, preferred locations, budget, and other considerations so that we will be able to prepare a list of suggested properties.
  • Listing: Once your needs have been determined, our listing agents will use these criteria’s to compile a list of possible homes which suit you. Our real estate brokers will help you narrow them down to the one or more homes you will be viewing for serious consideration.
  • Property viewings: This is where you will really begin to explore your options. Our real estate broker will accompany you during any visits of properties you have selected. Acting as your guide, he or she will supply a third party perspective and objective point of view to help you assess the convenience and suitability of the properties.
  • Letter Of Intent (LOI): Our consultants will draft your letter of intent to help you communicate clearly, and secure any important documents that will ensure that everything is in order when you relocate to Metro Manila.
  • Move Day Supervision: Once you've settled on a home, we can continue to provide assistance on the very important move day. Last minute emergencies and issues can arise and we will remain at your assistance to review final contracts, inspect the connection of utilities and supervise the final arrangement of paperwork as expressed to the owner in your Letter Of Intent.

Whether you are coming for a short term assignment, few weeks of training, or just need a place to stay before your container arrives with your belongings, Asia Relocation is here for you. We will help you find the best solution for temporary or short-term accommodations that matches your needs.


  • Serviced Apartments: Furnished apartments provide far more space than hotel rooms, with complete amenities such as kitchen space and separate quarters for living and sleeping space, with pool area and gym… We have the serviced apartment that suits your needs.
  • Extended Hotel Stay: An extended hotel stay is flexible in accommodating a variety of needs whether on a short-term schedule or an improvised arrangement. Full services help you focus on your work and other more immediate concerns.

Asia Relocation can help you find the ideal space and location for your office; we understand that businesses and clients have unique needs so we do our utmost to coordinate with you in order to find the right office space for you. Whether you're looking for a serviced office, a cozy office space, or larger spaces, we've got options waiting for you, across a variety of locations like Makati, Fort Bonifacio, Ortigas, Alabang… Not only can Asia Relocation help you find the right office space, we can also provide Office Moving services to provide you a smooth transition to your new working space.

An often overlooked consideration in one's move is how this can affect your children's education and social life. Asia Relocation can help you place your children in the most appropriate school in Manila that will ensure the continuity of their growth, education and personal development. We will conduct a thorough need analysis to make sure we understand your preferences and the needs of your children. Our consultant will help you narrow down the prospective schools and accompany you on school tours. Below you can find a short brief about the most renowned international schools in Manila:

  • International School Manila (ISM): Opened in 1920 during the American colonial period after American and British parents sought the establishment of a school in Manila that would provide for the long term educational needs of their children and the children of future expatriates.
  • Brent International School: With a history reaching back to 1909, Brent International School is a co-ed day and boarding school with campuses in Biñan south of Metro Manila, as well as Baguio and Subic. Founded as Christian ecumenical schools, the Brent schools pride themselves on fostering a multicultural and international learning environment.
  • Fountain International School: FIS is an accredited Cambridge School noted for its excellence in its English, Science, and Math curriculum and has an elementary and high school campus in San Juan in the heart of Metro Manila.
  • British School Manila: Established in 1976 as a private international school providing a British education, the British School Manila features a campus in the middle of University Parkway in Bonifacio Global City. The BSM offers the English National Curriculum from Nursury to Year 13, and prepares students for NCTs, the GCSE and International Baccalaureate.
  • European International School (EIS) or Eurocampus: The European International School or the Eurocampus is a joint venture of the Lycée Français de Manille (LFM) and the German European School Manila (GESM), and provides quality education to the highest international and European standards.
  • Singapore School Manila: The Singapore School Manila located in Paranaque hews closely to the Singaporean educational system and provides kindergarten, primary, and secondary grades, with a sister school, Singapore School Cebu in the Philippines' second great city.

Visitors of the Philippines may opt for one of many different visas depending on the nature of the visit and length of stay. Asia Relocation can help you acquire the visa you need as quickly as possible, as well as renew any existing visa you have.
The relevant procedures can be complicated and frustrating due to the Philippines bureaucracy, but Asia Relocation will efficiently make it fast, clear, and simple for you.

  • Temporary Visitor Visa (9A): A temporary visitor visa is used by tourists as well as visitors doing nonresident work such as meetings and sales calls. A tourist visa holder may not participate in continuing business in the Philippines. Most nationalities receive a 29 days visa-on-arrival, and it can be extended monthly for a limited period of time.
  • Working/Employment Visa (9G): If you are to be employed for more than a year, particularly in a technical, executive or managerial capacity or in a position of high confidence for at least a year, an employment visa is necessary. Processing time for the 9g employment visa is one to two weeks.
  • Special Investor’s Resident Visa (SIRV): Individuals who have made significant investment in the Philippines can stay indefinitely by securing a special investor's resident visa. Processing time can be completed in under a few weeks, depending on how much investment is made. Significant investment is defined as $50,000 USD in the tourism sector or $75,000 USD in other industries.
  • Treaty Trader Visa (9D): Foreign investors may enter the Philippines as a treaty trader if he is a national of a country that has an agreement in place for the admission of treaty traders or investors. As of this writing, the Philippines has such agreements with the United States, Japan and Germany. The term "treaty trader" is meant to include any treaty investor or an alien employed by a treaty investor in a supervisory/executive position. Contact us for a price quote.
  • Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG): Foreign nationals who establish sustainable enterprises and business can receive a special visa if they and their business provide gainful employment to ten (10) or more Filipino nationals. This is a multiple entry, non-immigrant visa.
  • Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV): Foreign nationals looking to retire in the Philippines can apply for a Special Resident Retiree's Visa, which allows retirees to live, work, and study in the Philippines, complete with multiple-entry authorization and a variety of benefits. Back to main page

Adapting quickly to a new environment requires adjusting to a new culture.
The sooner you can adapt, the sooner you'll be able to appreciate your new surroundings and get along with the locals.
Orientation - Cultural Training - Language Training

  • Orientation:
    This program is intended to deliver enough local area awareness and understanding for the assignee and their family to appreciate what they can expect from their new location.
    Information will be provided on housing and schooling options, main amenities, shopping, recreational activities, medical and banking facilities, transportation, typical living conditions and any special security concerns.
    This orientation program helps employees to relax from the stress of their relocation and focus on their new role. It also lessens the probability that the expatriation will fail due to the unhappiness of the assignees or their family.
  • Cultural Training:
    The aim of this Cultural Training is to guarantee that employees can entirely assimilate into day-to-day living and work circumstances of their new location.
    Expatriates and their families are more likely to settle down into their new location if they appreciate the cultural variances they are likely to come across.
    It will help assignees to work more successfully with individuals from other cultures and values. A good appreciation of how diverse cultures work together will decrease the time wasted by misunderstandings and guarantees your business is up to the most of every employee’s capacity.
  • Language Training:
    Asia Relocation knows how challenging it can be for expatriate to familiarize to what may be a very different environment, particularly when they do not speak the language.
    Enhanced confidence in the language will give assignees confidence in both professional and social circumstances. Language training also allows employees and their families to participate more effectively with individuals they encounter, empowering self-confidence in corporate and social situations.
    The sessions can be done in groups or one-to-one, tailored to the ability and needs of the students.

Leasing a vehicle is more often than not, the more practical way to secure transportation that can get you around as an expatriate in Manila. It spares you any of the expenses and losses incurred due to depreciation and maintenance, especially since you don't know how long you'll be keeping the vehicle.

Asia Relocation has an in-house leasing department that can provide you with details regarding the cars, drivers, and regulations.

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