Storage requirements mainly depend on the type of items to be stored and their materials, the external environment, and the duration of storage needed.
At Asia Relocation we offer multiple storage solutions for the multiple situations you may encounter.

A practical choice for those who will either be away for a short period of time or are simply undecided as to the placement of their excess belongings.

Whether you are still on temporary accommodations or simply leaving for a few months, short term storage is ideal.

Short term storage is also a great option if items simply need to be removed when you need to make space for a party or function, or while your house is being renovated.

Your personal effects can be quickly and safely packed up and sent back no matter what the reason is.

For those who will be relocating or moving for an undetermined amount of time and will be returning, long term storage is the ideal choice.

We can provide the most appropriate storage facility for the items you intend to leave behind, and pack them with materials that will protect them from any kind of deterioration.

Whether it's for several months or several years, no matter the need, Asia Relocation can assure you that your belongings will be kept safe until you need them.

Storage is done with top of the line equipment in order to ensure that when you entrust your items to Asia Relocation for whether short or long term storage, they are protected.

Sturdy, moisture-resistant, reinforced crates protect your households and belongings from potentially damaging elements and sudden forces that could compromise their structural integrity.

Asia Relocation is glad to help businesses and individuals who need different kinds of storage solutions.

Through our partner’s self-storage solution, you gain protection and unparalleled access to your items at any time. We offer individual, modular units in a secure, pest-free, state-of-the-art facility.

You may rent these on a month-to-month basis or opt for a more long-term storage arrangement.

Some items require special treatments, especially those that are sensitive to temperature and humidity: antics, artworks, electronics, wood or paper-based objects...

The Philippines being a tropical country with an average humidity of 80% and an average temperature of 30℃, climate control is very important for your sensitive items.

Our Air-Conditioned Storage partner has built its facility in 2013 and made it according to the highest international standards which give them the highest standards level in the Philippines.

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We will go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality moving experience is afforded to you and your family at all times. Every move is treated as a unique operation by our experienced team of expert movers.

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